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Payment flow

The PaysafeCash payment flow contains the following steps:

  1. You initiate a payment request.
  2. You redirect your customer to the URL received in the response to your payment request. The system generates a barcode used to complete a payment.
  3. Your customer gets the payment barcode and completes the payment in the nearest payment point.
  4. You get a webhook notification about a payment status, if you send notification_url in the payment request.

This alternative payment method supports the following operations:



Send a payment request with the following additional data:

Parameter Type Description
method object A section of the payment method parameters.
type * required
string paysafe_cash
customer object A section of the customer's details.
email * required
string The customer's email address.
country * required
string The customer's country.

The payment response additionally contains the paysafe_cash section with the name of the payment method, as well as the form section with the URL of a page with the bar-code. Redirect your customer to the URL received as a value of the form.action parameter.


The URL received in the response to the payment request is valid for 30 minutes only. The payment barcode expires in 72 hours after the customer gets it.

Payment status query

To check a status of the payment, send a transaction status query.