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A chargeback is a transaction disputed by the cardholder or the issuer. The chargeback amount is credited back to the cardholder account, and an acquirer often charges an additional chargeback fee from the merchant.

There are many reasons for chargebacks, but the most common are returned goods, terminated services, disputes, errors or fraud. However, merchants can minimize the risk of chargebacks at the time of sale by working to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and transaction accuracy.

You as a merchant can be notified about a chargeback either by locating the transaction in PayCross back office or catching a notification request sent to a notification URL set in PayCross back office.


The request is posted to the notification URL every time when a chargeback is received in PayCross system.

Example of the chargeback notification request
  "transaction": {
    "uid": "2-194945bebe",
    "status": "successful",
    "amount": 100,
    "currency": "USD",
    "reason": "client request",
    "type": "chargeback",
    "message": "Successfully processed",
    "test": true,
    "created_at": "2019-02-05T14:37:42.494Z",
    "updated_at": "2019-02-05T14:37:42.593Z",
    "paid_at": "2019-02-05T14:37:42.572+00:00",
    "parent_uid": "1-d8f093ef6d",
    "receipt_url": "",
    "parent_transaction": {
      "uid": "1-d8f093ef6d",
      "status": "successful",
      "amount": 100,
      "currency": "USD",
      "description": "Test transaction ütf",
      "type": "payment",
      "payment_method_type": "credit_card",
      "tracking_id": "tracking_id_000",
      "message": "Successfully processed",
      "test": true,
      "created_at": "2019-02-05T14:37:41.933Z",
      "updated_at": "2019-02-05T14:37:42.674Z",
      "paid_at": "2019-02-05T14:37:42.261Z",
      "expired_at": null,
      "closed_at": null,
      "settled_at": null,
      "language": "en",
      "redirect_url": "",
      "credit_card": {
        "holder": "John Doe",
        "stamp": "a825df7faba8804619aef7a6d5a5821ec292fce04e3e43933ca33d0692df90b4",
        "brand": "visa",
        "last_4": "0000",
        "first_1": "4",
        "bin": "420000",
        "issuer_country": null,
        "issuer_name": null,
        "product": null,
        "exp_month": 1,
        "exp_year": 2020,
        "token": "1cef3a7c-7cad-457c-a205-8d864c1fd939"
      "id": "1-d8f093ef6d",
      "payment": {
        "auth_code": "654321",
        "bank_code": "05",
        "rrn": "999",
        "ref_id": "777888",
        "message": "Payment was approved",
        "amount": 100,
        "currency": "USD",
        "billing_descriptor": "TEST GATEWAY BILLING DESCRIPTOR",
        "gateway_id": 1,
        "status": "successful"
      "avs_cvc_verification": {
        "avs_verification": {
          "result_code": "1"
        "cvc_verification": {
          "result_code": "1"
      "customer": {
        "ip": "",
        "email": "[email protected]",
        "device_id": "12312312321fff67",
        "birth_date": "1980-01-31"
      "billing_address": {
        "first_name": "John",
        "last_name": "Doe",
        "address": "1st Street",
        "country": "US",
        "city": "Denver",
        "zip": "96002",
        "state": "CO",
        "phone": null
    "id": "2-194945bebe",
    "chargeback": {
      "message": "Chargeback was created",
      "gateway_id": 1,
      "status": "successful"