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Apple Pay on the payment widget

PayCross made the Apple Pay integration easy and hassle-free for those merchants who use the PayCross payment widget, payment links or payment page to accept payments online.

No need to open a payment session with Apple, to validate your domain and to pass PaymentToken in requests. PayCross takes care of everything.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Incorporate the PayCross payment widget or get payment links for your products.

  2. Make sure that you finished the registration with Apple.

  3. Contact your account manager to get Apple Pay activated.

    Once Apple Pay is activated, you can see Apple Pay among the active payment brands for your shops in the PayCross back office. Apple Pay button is displayed to your customers if the Apple service is supported on their devices.

  4. Send payment requests as described for the integration option you use.


Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Yandex Pay are displayed on the widget depending on the client's device and browser types. See more here.